Campus Life Part 1 校园生活 第一部分

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 About this lesson

In this lesson you will learn:

 - How to inquire about someone’s college living situation

 - How to explain your choice to live on or off campus

 - How to talk about life in a typical university dorm

Are you living on campus?

  Are you planning on living on campus this year?

  Are you gonna go for an apartment?

  Or do you think you might join a Greek?

I’m gonna stay in the dorms

  I think I’m just gonna stay in the dorms.

  The food’s lousy, but there are other things I like about it.

  I like studying and hanging out with my floormates.

  We even go out to parties together.

We’re close

  I love the dorms because you make friends that last you all through college.

  My floormates and I have all gotten pretty close.

Where the party’s at

  When I go to other floors, everyone’s always closed up in their room studying.

  Everyone knows our floor is where the party’s at!

An apartment off campus

Most universities don’t offer on-campus apartment housing. However, apartments are usually no more than a short walk or bus ride from campus.

  My friend lives in an apartment off campus and loves it.

  He’s got two roommates, and they all share a really nice two-bedroom.

  It’s pretty pricey, but he really enjoys his freedom.

Don’t wanna miss out

Many American college students don’t like living in apartments because they feel isolated from campus events and the general college spirit. Others don’t mind distancing themselves from campus life.

  But I feel like if you live in an apartment you might miss out.

  You have to make an effort to keep up with what’s going on.

  I’m worried I’d miss out on all the fun stuff that goes on.


Dorms are an extremely popular housing option for American students, especially in the first year of college.There are many reasons why students choose them. They tend to be located on campus, they provide the opportunity to meet friends and study partners, they’re secure and supervised, and they usually combine all living expenses, including meals, into one reasonable fee.


Of course, there are downsides to living in the dorms too. It’s almost certain that you will have a roommate,with whom you must share a very small living space. In addition, most dorms in the US are co-ed, meaning they house both men and women. Many even have co-ed bathrooms! Some students prefer not to live with people of the opposite sex.


Dorms are organized by floor. Each floor tends to have 10-15 rooms, each housing at least two people.Some students like to make friends and bond with their “floormates,” others prefer a more solitary lifestyle where they can focus on their studies. If you feel you don’t fit in on your floor or with your roommate, you can request to be moved.


Each floor, or at least every other floor, has an RA, or “resident advisor.” This is a paid position that requires supervising the inhabitants of your floor, and making sure they have anything they need. Some RAs are very strict, and others can be quite lax. Strict RAs are vigilant about keeping drinking and other forbidden activities out of the dorms. Others turn a blind eye to such activities, as long as they know their students are safe.