Crime Dramas 罪案片

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About this lesson

In this lesson you’ll learn:

 - how to tease someone about their favorite show

 - how to identify a show you think is better and defend it

You will also learn about the popularity of crime TV in American culture.

Of all time

  My favorite show of all time is definitely “Law and Order.”
  我最喜欢的电视剧是”Law and order”﹐这一点毫无疑问。

  Are you serious, that’s the most boring show I’ve ever seen.

  Are you kidding me, how could you possibly think that?

  ”Law and Order” is so repetitive, every episode has the same plot.
  ”Law and Order”千篇一律﹐每集情节都一样。

Crime TV

Shows like “Law and Order” and “CSI” are part of a very popular TV genre in America called Crime TV.

These shows can range from real court cases as seen on “Judge Judy” to scripted stories loosely based on real cases on “Law and Order” to completely fictional stories as seen on “CSI.”


  Not to mention the whole show just consists of people arguing in court.

  Well part of the point is to show how the American justice system works.

  If you want to see the American justice system in action, you should watch Judge Judy.
  如果你真想看美国司法系统的运作﹐你应该去看Judge Judy.

  The people on Judge Judy are so trashy!
  Judge Judy里的人太烂!

  It’s the best kind of trashy TV!

Contrived plots

  Judge Judy shows the real American justice system with real people.
  Judge Judy用普通人展现真正的美国司法系统。

  No way, those people aren’t serious, they just wanna be on TV.

  It’s way more entertaining than the contrived plots on “Law and Order.”
  不过它还是要比”Law and Order”里编出来的情节好看得多。

  ”Law and Order” isn’t contrived, it’s based on real cases.
  ”Law and Order”不是编的﹐是从真实案例来的。

Seen them all

  They take real cases and tell the stories compellingly.

  Well I never feel compelled to keep watching.

  If you see one, you’ve seen them all.

Pull it off

  I think the acting on “Law and Order” is so cheesy.
  我觉得”Law and Order”里的表演太假了。

  They try to be all serious and brooding but they just can’t pull it off.

  I can’t believe you’d call Sam Waterston cheesy.
  我不敢相信你竟然会..Sam Waterston演得假。

  He has the most expressive eyes in the courtroom.

You’ve got me there

  Whatever, you only like that show because you think the Chief of Police is hot.

  If I’m hot for her then you must be in love with Judge Judy.

  I guess you’ve got me there.