Recounting a Date 讲述约会经历

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About this lesson

In this lesson, you’ll learn:

 - How to describe a date you went on in detail

 - How to talk about pick-ups and come-ons

 - How to use common American quotatives to recall dialog when telling a story

 - How to talk about getting stood up

 - How to differentiate between different types of romantic relationships

A date

  This is my date, Brian.
  这是我的约会对象 Brian.

  This is my boyfriend.

  This is my boyfriend, Brian. We’re going on a date tonight!
  这是我男朋友 Brian. 我们今天晚上要去约会!

I got set up

Sometimes people try to set each other up, meaning that a third-party matchmaker, such as a mutual friend,introduces two people to each other so that they can go on a date. Two people who have “been set up” might go on a “blind date,” which means that the date is the first time the people have ever met. People often joke that blind dates are disastrous.

  I set them up.

  She set me up on a blind date with this weirdo!

  I got set up with my friend’s coworker, but it ended up being a disaster.

Going out for drinks

  Let’s go out for drinks sometime.

  We went out for drinks last night at that new bar around the corner.

  After we met on Saturday, we decided to go out to dinner.

The most traditional type of date is to eat dinner at a restaurant and then go see a movie. In modern times,some people opt instead to get drinks together at a bar, to get coffee, or to go to lunch instead.

Came up and came on

  So I was just sitting there waiting when this guy came up to me.

  I had a feeling that he was going to start coming on to me.

  I told him I had a boyfriend, but he kept hitting on me anyway.

The lamest come-on

  This guy kept hitting on me last night. It was the lamest come-on attempt ever.

  I was just minding my own business and this guy came up and gave me the lamest pickup line.

  Yuck! That’s so corny!

Lame pick-up lines

When approaching women at a bar, American men sometimes use well-known “ice breakers” (questions used to initiate a conversation with someone). These include:

  Have we met before?

  Do you come here often?

Most Americans are also familiar with several “lame” pick-up lines. They’re so lame that they’re not really used in real life, but they’re fun to laugh about.

  What’s your sign?

  Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

  You must be tired because you’ve been running through my head all night.

I tried to blow him off

  We were supposed to go on a date, but she blew me off!

  I felt bad about blowing him off, but I just wasn’t in the mood to get drinks.

  He started hitting on me, so I tried to blow him off.

He flaked on me

  He totally blew me off. Can you believe what a flake he is?
  她居然爽约! 这家伙说话太不算数了。

  We were supposed to go out but she ended up flaking on me.

  He stood me up. I knew he would flake on me!

To be like

  He was totally hitting on me, so I was like, “Sorry, I’m meeting someone.”

  So then he was all, “I don’t see him, so maybe he blew you off.”

  Then I went, “Maybe so, but I don’t think he’s that flaky.”

He couldn’t take a hint

  Can’t you take a hint?

  He couldn’t seem to take a hint, so I was like, “I’m really not interested.”

  Maybe if she weren’t so dense she would have taken your hint!