Online Social Networking Part 2 网上社交 第二部分

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About this lesson

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to:

 - identify awkward situations arising from the use of social networking sites

 - demonstrate awareness of social networking etiquette

Social networking etiquette

Americans have a set of assumptions and rules of etiquette that they generally observe when using social networking sites. These include the following:

- Befriending past boyfriends or girlfriends is allowable, but should be done with caution. It’s considered good etiquette not to try to make an “ex” jealous by rubbing a new love interest in their faces. Likewise, if you are dating someone new, it’s good form to refrain from posting on your ex’s wall or keeping up pictures of you with a past love interest. If it was a bad breakup, it’s usually best to unfriend each other.

- Many Americans think that people who try to contact or befriend total strangers on social networking sites are “creepy,” unless the person they contact has specified on their profile that they are open to it. In general, it’s best not to befriend anyone who you’ve never actually met in person.

- Don’t tag friends in pictures where they look terrible or where they are doing something embarassing.Since tagged pictures are broadcast to all of their friends (and perhaps family, classmates and coworkers), be considerate.

- For close friends, a personal “happy birthday” message, email, or call is better than a public wall post. For simple acquaintances, a “happy birthday” wall post is appropriate since it shows that you were thinking of them, but not in a way that is inappropriate to the level of your relationship.

- Sending friends chain letters as messages or wall posts is nearly always annoying (unless they send them to you all the time).

A message from an ex

In the first part of this lesson you saw several social networking terms highlighted in red. We’ll continue coloring them in red, and also put additional unfamiliar words and phrases in blue.

  Yesterday my ex who I haven’t talked to in forever wrote this cryptic comment on my wall.

  He asked me to give him a call, but I don’t even know his phone number anymore.

  I thought he had a girlfriend, so I wonder what he meant by it.

Catching up

  I thought he had a girlfriend, so I wonder what he meant by it.

  Maybe he just wanted to catch up or something.

  Maybe you should actually call him just to mess with him and see what he says.

Friended by a stranger

  This guy who I barely knew in high school friended me on MyFace but didn’t message me to say hi.

  At first I thought it was some random stranger so it sorta creeped me out.

  Then when I went back home for the weekend I ran into him at the store, but he totally ignored me!

The time of day

  Why would you start friending people you wouldn’t even give the time of day to in person?

  Maybe he just wanted his profile to have a longer friend list so he would look popular.