Online Social Networking Part 1 网上社交

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Online Social Networking Part 1 (Adv.)

About this lesson
In this lesson you'll learn how to:
- use common social networking buzzwords
- comment on other people's use of social networking sites

John changed his status

Throughout this lesson, we've highlighted in red the vocabulary that is most likely to come up in any discussion about social networking sites. These include words for features (e.g., news feed) and words for things you do on the sites (e.g. message someone or update your profile). We've made up a fictional social networking site called "MyFace" that we will use to discuss the topic! I went on MyFace the other day and found all these people from high school that I'd totally forgotten about!

Did you see that John changed his status from "single" to "in a relationship?"
I wish he would post a picture of his new girlfriend.

Someone commented

Actually, I think there's a picture already up there, he just didn't tag her.
Oh, I thought that was his sister since she's tagged in his "family" album.
No, someone commented on the picture saying that his girlfriend was pretty.

Sally got married
Did you see Sally Green updated her MyFace profile yesterday?
你看见了麼﹖Sally Green昨天更新了她在MyFace上的个人状态。
Yeah, it said on the news feed that she got married!
Did you message her to see if she was for real or just joking?
Her relationship status has said "engaged" for a few months now so I assumed it was true.

Video: Social networking privacy

Chris is having a birthday party
Did Chris invite you to his birthday party on Saturday night?
No, although I think I remember getting a MyFace invitation to something.
I wouldn't have known it was his birthday, but MyFace sent me a reminder.
I'll write a birthday shout-out on his wall since I won't be able to make it out on Saturday.