Finding a Housemate 找室友

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About this lesson

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to:

 - Describe your ideal housemate

 - Characterize housemates you prefer to avoid

 - Appreciate the “Type-A” American personality

You will also learn about what Americans expect and appreciate in fellow housemates

How would you describe yourself?

  How would you describe yourself?

  How would you describe your living style?

  How would you describe your lifestyle?

Outgoing and social

  What kind of housemate would you say you are?

  I’d say I’m fairly social and open to making new friends.

  Most people I meet describe me as outgoing.

  The American Type A personality

My ideal living situation

  If you could live with anyone in the world, who would you choose and why?
  如果你可以选择世界上任何一个人和你一起住﹐你选谁? 为什么?

  How would you describe your ideal housemate?

  What would you consider an ideal living situation?

  Who would you live with in an ideal world?

Housemate etiquette

Living styles vary from person to person. Some people look for outgoing housemates, some look for quiet ones, some look for people who like to go out a lot, and some prefer people who don’t smoke or drink at all.In general, however, most people looking for a housemate want someone who is responsible (pays rent on time), does their share of the chores and housework, and is quiet (especially between 10 PM and 9 AM).Some also prefer to find housemates who will not have “overnight guests” (boyfriends or girlfriends who sleep over).

When living with strangers, many Americans prefer to be friendly but cordial, keeping enough distance to maintain a sense of privacy. Even among close friends, it is important to respect each other’s privacy by not going in the other’s room or looking through their belongings when the housemate is gone, and by knocking before entering.

Laid-back and drama-free

  If I could live with anyone in the world, I’d choose someone who is social but drama-free.

  My ideal housemate would be someone who is laid-back and drama-free.

  I’d rather live with someone who is less social but laid-back than someone who is outgoing and a total drama queen.

Your biggest pet peeve

A “pet peeve” is something that irritates you, but that others may not mind or even notice. Examples of roommate-related pet peeves include: not filling up ice trays after taking all the ice, drinking all the milk but leaving the jug in the fridge, drinking all the milk except for one sip, hogging the television, playing loud music, and so on. Can you think of something that’s YOUR pet peeve?

  What would you say is your biggest pet peeve?

  What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to housemates?

Couch potatoes

  I always try to avoid living with couch potatoes.

  I hate living with couch potatoes because they never pull their weight around the house.

Party animals

  Nothing gets on my nerves more than having to live with party animals.

  It gets on my nerves when they bring over all these random people.


  I hate living with mooches who ask you to pay for everything.

  My pet peeve is when housemates always mooch off me and eat all my food.