Pakistan University Reopens After Deadly Attack

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Bacha Khan University in Pakistan re-opened its doors Monday.

The Pakistani university was the target of a militant attack last week. At least 21 people, including 18 students, were killed in the attack.

This week, students returned to the university briefly for a prayer service to remember their fallen friends.

"We're here to avenge our blood. How long will Pashtun kids continue to die?"

One university employee noted that:

"Pashtuns have always been labeled terrorists. But we want to show that we are not terrorists. We are victims of terrorism."

The university is under tight security. It is currently only open to teachers and employees. Administration officials said there will be no classes until further notice. A university spokesman said it is considering several issues, including a prediction of thick fog for several days.

Parents of some of the victims attended the prayer service on Monday. Shah Hussein is the father of one student. He demanded an independent investigation.

"There should be a judicial inquiry so that we find out who was negligent in their responsibilities, and they should be duly punished. Once you have one judicial inquiry and responsible parties punished, such incidents will stop."

Later, outside the doors, students held up signs. Some demanded action to answer the attack, while others sought peace.

I'm Kathleen Struck.