Earthquake Strikes Near Icelandic Volcano

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Iceland's Meteorological Office announced on Tuesday that the strongest earthquake in 10 days has struck the Bardarbunga volcano. The earthquake measured 5.7.

On Sunday, Iceland had reduced its warning about the threatening volcano from the highest possible point. It changed the warning level from red to orange. Red means an eruption – an explosion – will happen soon or is in progress.

A small volcanic explosion last week had caused fears that ash could interfere with air travel. Two earthquakes measuring 5.3 and 5.1 took place before that small explosion. People living near Bardarbunga have been removed from the area. Officials have set up a no-fly zone around the volcano. But Icelandic air space is still open.

Earthquake Strikes Near Icelandic VolcanoIn 2010, a cloud of ash from an erupting volcano delayed or canceled flights for days. Many travelers had to stay in Europe because overseas flights were not available. Hotels filled up fast when word of the cancellations became known. For some travelers, there was no place to stay. And some hotels, motels and other places for overnight stays raised their rates.

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